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Computer Stuff

CodeType DescriptionManufacturerTrade Price
CDABT6 BT Telephone Jack Double Adaptor 6 WireUndefined 4.89
CDAD6FD9F Serial to PS/2 Adaptor (mini Din 6Computer Dynamics 4.50
CDAD6MUSB USB to PS/2 Mouse AdapterComputer Dynamics 3.60
CDADSL002 ADSL ADSL SplitterUndefined 10.00
CDAJWM Jumper Wire with Male PinsComputer Dynamics 0.25
CDANULLM9 DB9 Null Modem Adaptor (DB9 M/F Connectors)Computer Dynamics 4.60
CDANULLMOD DB25 Null Modem Adaptor (DB25 M/F Connectors)Computer Dynamics 5.85
CDARJ45C5 Cat5e Cat5e 8 Conductor 2 Way Joiner 2 socketComputer Dynamics 3.35
CDARJ4511 A-RJ45 1:1 RJ45 8 Conductor Female to Female JoinerComputer Dynamics 2.20
CDBF120 UBS to IrDA ConvertorComputer Dynamics 142.00
CDBF4302 4 Port,USB 2.0 4 Port USB 2.0 Mini HubComputer Dynamics 41.50
CDBF7010 BF-7010 USB to IrDA ConvertorUndefined 82.23
CDBF8020 USB USB Bluetooth AdapterComputer Dynamics 25.00
CDBR-6478AC Wireless 802.11ac 1200M Wireless Concurrent Dual-Band Gigabit RouterUndefined 131.18
CDBRADSL ADSL Modem 1x USB, 1x LAN 1x WANComputer Dynamics 200.00
CDCCTVYK2F15L56 CCTV CCTV 470 TVL waterproof infrared illumination camera (more info)Undefined 886.67
CDCD9FD25M 300mm AT Modem Adaptor Cable - MoldedComputer Dynamics 3.90
CDCDH48W Wallet Compact Disc CD Wallet 48PcComputer Dynamics 9.90
CDCDU23 3M USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male/Female Connectors.Computer Dynamics 4.67
CDCK350 Laser Lens Cleaning Kit, DVD/VCD/CD /CDROMComputer Dynamics 7.78
CDCKDISPX01 Displex Displex Scratch Remover Single TubeComputer Dynamics 12.00
CDCMACMODM C-MACMOD-M 2M Apple Mac to Modem Cable - Molded, Din8M to DB25M (more info)Undefined 6.66
CDCMDDC20 C-MDDC-20 20M VESA DDC1 & DDC2 VGA Extension Cable - Molded. HD DB15 M/F Coaxial Shielded (more info)Undefined 54.00
CDCMONVM3 3M VGA Monitor Extension CableComputer Dynamics 6.60
CDCUSB10 Compatible with IPhone,IPod,Nokia,Motorola,Samsung,HTC,Sony,LG 10 in 1 USB Charging Cable for Mobile PhonesUndefined 11.11
CDDISB30 DISB30 3 Port (30Pair) Vacant Distribution BoxComputer Dynamics 9.57
CDEEPYU350PS USB USB 2.0 to PATA (IDE) or SATA I II Hard Drive Enclosure.Undefined 53.00
CDEEU23I USB 2.0 to 3.5 " IDE ExternalComputer Dynamics 135.00
CDEEU2500 USB 2 External 5.25' Hard Drive EnclosureComputer Dynamics 114.00
CDEV214 EV214 VGA Over Cat5 UTP Video Extender (more info)Undefined 242.23
CDEXC2022 KVM Extender Console Extender Allows VGA mouse & keyboard signals to be ext. up to 200 Computer Dynamics 467.06
CDFLLCST1 FL-LCST-1 1M 62.5 micron OM1 LC to ST Fibre Patch Lead. (Duplex, Multimode)Undefined 57.78
CDFLSTST10 10M 62.5 micron OM1 ST Fibre Patch Lead (Duplex, Multimode)Undefined 56.67
CDFPBLANK Blank Fillers for RJ-45 Face PlatesComputer Dynamics 2.23
CDFPC5E001 FP-C5E-001 Cat5e Keystone RJ-45 Jack for 110 Face PlateUndefined 6.67
CDFPC6S010 Cat 6 Shielded Cat6 Keystone JackUndefined 9.15
CDFPC6007 T568A/T568B Wiring Cat 6 Keystone RJ-45 Jack for 110 Face Plate (more info)Undefined 6.67
CDFPJACKC5E Amex White Cat5e RJ-45 Jack for Face PlatesComputer Dynamics 6.88
CDFSM-SCSC-5 Single Mode Single Mode 5M SC to SC Fibre Patch Lead. 9micron OS1. Computer Dynamics 39.14
CDFWE-4SC Dynamix 4 Port SC Duplex Wall Mount Fibre Enclosure UnloadedUndefined 49.00
CDH1566AB 2 Position Switch HD DB15 (F)- 2 x Mini Din 6 Monitor Mouse Keyboard SwitchComputer Dynamics 42.22
CDHDMIUSB Resolutions up to 1080p. Uses 2 USB ports. 2.1ch Audio USB 2.0 to HDMI AdapterUndefined 92.94
CDIMA101KPF IDE Ultra ATA66 Mobile Rack KitComputer Dynamics 39.00
CDKEYFOLDABLE Foldable Waterproof PS/2 KeyboardComputer Dynamics 62.00
CDKEYFOLDUSB Portable,Waterproof,Dust and Dirt Resistant,Washable Foldable Waterproof USB KeyboardComputer Dynamics 25.00
CDKEYMMEDIA Multimedia PS/2 KeyboardComputer Dynamics 37.00
CDKPENTBK PS/2 Keyboard - Black ColourComputer Dynamics 13.33
CDKU6400 Keyboard KeyboardComputer Dynamics 8.95
CDLAN100BTFC LAN-100BTFC N-Way Fast Ethernet Converter SC 10/100 Base TX to 100 Base FX SC Fibre (more info)Undefined 217.78
CDLAN100BTFT Multi-mode 2Km 1310nm ST Fibre to Ethernet Converter 100FX to 10/100TX (more info)Computer Dynamics 217.78
CDLAN9130 10-100 Mbs Ethernet Pci Network CardComputer Dynamics 15.00
CDLCD-LPA21-112 Brateck Bracket. 46-385mm Distance to Wall. Tilt: -+15deg, Swivel: 180degUndefined 55.56
CDMF420 Laptop to IDE 3.5" to 2.5" HDD Mounting Frame & Adaptor (more info)Computer Dynamics 15.40
CDMP101 PS/2 Scroll Optical Mouse. 800dpiComputer Dynamics 18.33
CDMWIRELESS Wireless Mouse 2 Button with ScrollComputer Dynamics 45.00
CDPLEC5E3 RJ45 - Ethernet 3 Meter Cat 5e Ethernet Patch Cable Blue (more info)Computer Dynamics 3.90
CDPLEC5E4 RJ45 - Ethernet 4 Meter Cat 5e Ethernet Patch Cable Blue (more info)Computer Dynamics 7.20
CDPLEC5EPP 0.3 Meter Cat 5e Ethernet Patch Cord BlueComputer Dynamics 2.00
CDPLEC5ETQ (T568A Specification) Slimline Molding & Latch Down Plug 0.75M Blue Cat 5 Enhanced UTP Patch Lead (more info)Undefined 3.00
CDPLEC6A2 T568A Specification 2M Blue Cat 6 UTP Patch Lead Slimline MoldingUndefined 5.12
CDPLEC620 20 Meter Blue Cat 6 Utp Patch CordComputer Dynamics 15.00
CDPLGC5E10 10 Meter Cat5e Green UTP Patch Cord With BootsComputer Dynamics 9.20
CDPLGYC5E5 Cat5e 5M Grey Cat 5 Enhanced UTP Patch LeadUndefined 7.78
CDPPC6S24 CAT6 24 Port CAT6 Shielded Patch PanelUndefined 304.44
CDPPMINI12C5E PPMINI12C5E Mini Cat5e 12 Port Patch Panel Wall MountComputer Dynamics 55.00
CDPS1203 Single Port 10/100 Print ServerComputer Dynamics 132.00
CDPS1206UWG Wireless Single Port USB 1.1 Print ServerUndefined 344.45
CDPS3207UWG Wireless USB Print Server 802.11b & g (more info)Undefined 308.89
CDPSPU100 Single Port USB 1.1 Print ServerComputer Dynamics 200.00
CDRJ12 RJ-12 6P6C Modular Plug - 50 micron.Computer Dynamics 0.20
CDRJ45C6SRSH CAT 6 Cat 6 RJ-45 8P8C Modular Plug (Solid-Shielded-Round) Undefined 0.72
CDRJ45E Cat 5 Enhanced RJ-45 8P8C ModularComputer Dynamics 0.75
CDRJ45R Cat5e RJ45 Plug Cat5e Round StrandedComputer Dynamics 0.36
CDRJ45RSH RJ45 RJ-45 8P8C Sheilded Stranded Core PlugComputer Dynamics 1.00
CDRJ45SR RJ-45 SR RJ-45 8P8C Modular Plug (Round Solid)Computer Dynamics 0.60
CDRJ45SRSH RJ45 RJ-45 8P8C Sheilded Solid Core PlugComputer Dynamics 1.08
CDSMC2802W 11/54M 2.4Ghz Wireless PCI NIC AdaptorComputer Dynamics 138.00
CDSMC2804WBR 11.54M 2.4Ghz Wireless RouterComputer Dynamics 276.00
CDSMC6752AL2 SMC 48 Port 10/100 Managed L2 Switch with 2 Gigabit Gbic PortsUndefined 2300.00
CDSMC7004VBR SMC7004VBR Broadband Router with SPI Firewall 4 Port LAN & 1 Port WAN 10/100Mbps (more info)Undefined 122.23
CDSMC7904WBRA2 SMC7904WBRA2 2.4GHz 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Broadband Router & Modem (more info)Undefined 162.00
CDSMCBGSLCX1 SMC 1 port Gigabit LC Multi-mode mini GBIC module up to 550 metres Undefined 362.23
CDSMCWBR14TG SMCWBR14T-G 108M/54M SuperG 2.4G Wireless AP Router with SPI Firewall (more info)Undefined 193.34
CDSMCWEBTG SMCWEBT-G 54/108M 2.4GHz 3in1 Wireless Unit. (more info)Undefined 220.00
CDSMCWUSBTG 108Mbs 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 AdapterUndefined 148.89
CDSW3105P Full Wire Speed, Auto-MDI/MDI-X, 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation. 5 Port 10/100 RJ45 Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch (more info)Computer Dynamics 40.00
CDSW3108P Full Wire Speed, Auto-MDI/MDI-X, 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation. 8 Port 10/100 RJ45 Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch (more info)Computer Dynamics 55.00
CDSW3116P Full Wire Speed, Auto-MDI/MDI-X, 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation. 16 Port 10/100 RJ45 Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch (more info)Computer Dynamics 122.23
CDSW3116R Full Wire Speed, Auto-MDI/MDI-X, 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation. 16 Port 10/100 RJ45 Fast Ethernet Rackmount Switch (more info)Computer Dynamics 180.00
CDSW3124R Full Wire Speed, Auto-MDI/MDI-X, 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation. 19' Rackmount 24 Port 10/100 RJ45 Fast Ethernet Switch (more info)Computer Dynamics 246.66
CDSW3208P Edimax 8 Port 10/100 UTP Switch Fast Ethernet , Desktop Model Computer Dynamics 29.30
CDSW3216P Edimax 16 Port 10/100 UTP Switch Fast Ethernet , Desktop Model Undefined 132.44
CDU2-FDA16G USB 16G USB 2.0 Flash DriveUndefined 40.00
CDU2FDA512 512MB USB 2.0 Pen DriveUndefined 42.78
CDUHUS9 USB 2.0 4 Port HubUndefined 19.56
CDVSA12 VGA 1 to 2 VGA Monitor Multiplexer (Mains Powered) 300/350 MHz Undefined 58.00
CDVSA14 VSA-14 1 to 4 VGA Monitor Multiplexer (Mains Powered), 300 MHzUndefined 128.89
CDWL6428NS Edimax 300Mbps Wireless Broadband Router 4 Port 10/100 802.11Undefined 88.89
CDWL7209APG WL7209APG 54Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point with support for Interbuilding Bridging (more info)Undefined 125.00
CDWL7318UG 54M Wireless LAN mini USB Adapter IEEE 802.11g Undefined 84.45
CDWL7438RPN Edimax EDIMAX N300 Universal W-Fi Extender Undefined 105.78
CDXMINI2-BLK X-Mini X-mini 2 Capsule Speaker - Black Computer Dynamics 53.30
ITDA70309 USB 2.0 Digitus USB 2.0 54 in 1 Card Reader (more info)Undefined 47.12
ITDSS09S D9 D9 Male Solder ConnectorIT Computers 2.22
JEWAFER-PV-D5252-R10 IEI Single Board PC 3.5" SBC with Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz,DDR3,VGA/LVDS, Dual GbE,USB2.0 and SATA IIUndefined POA
JN32505-000100-100-RS Antenna 2dBi AntennaUndefined POA
LGL226WTQWF 22" WIDESCREEN LCD, 1680x1050, 2MS, DVIUndefined POA
LIFEPO4BLUE lifepo4 Mobile Electronic Device ChargerUndefined 56.00
MIEPSONLX-300 Epson Printer Epson Dot matrix printerUndefined 453.00
MP4C2004GB MP4C200-4GB 4 GB MP4 Player (more info)Undefined 280.00

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