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Cable Assemblies

CodeType DescriptionManufacturerTrade Price
ACTLDLMR123/0.50 MCX LMR100 N Male to MCX Male 0.5M PigtailAssociated Communication Technologies LT 82.02
ACTLDLMR402/25.0 LMR 400 LMR400 N Male to N Male Assembly 25MAssociated Communication Technologies LT 300.22
ACTLDLMR40206.0 LMR400 LMR400 N Male to N Male 6M Cable AssemblyAssociated Communication Technologies LT 150.82
AP1550/2.0GR Euro-CEE 250V,2.5A 0.75mm Cores 2 Pin Euro Plug to Figure 8 Socket 2M GreyUndefined 10.47
ASD9RJ45PROGCABLE Phoenix D9 to RJ45 Programming CableUndefined 24.00
ASETMAUTOCASHIER ETM ETM Auto Cashier AssemblyUndefined 357.13
ASGALAM23FHID15M-10M Encoder Gala Encoder Cable M23 Female to Hi D15 Male 10MAutoSys Cable 139.70
ASKF2DATARADIO Assembly Kingfisher to Dataradio 500mm Comms CableUndefined 22.22
CDABTRJ45M BT RJ45 BT Master Adapter incorporating BT Socket to RJ-45 PlugUndefined 4.79
CDC-PB3C10-2 SAA Approved 2M 3 Pin Plug to Bare End, 3 Core 1mm Cable BlackUndefined 7.19
CDCASTMM2 CA-ST-MM2 2M Stereo 3.5mm Plug Male to Male CableUndefined 6.34
CDCPOWERN8 SAA Approved NZ/Aus Plug to Figure 8 Socket 2M BlackUndefined 4.67
CDCRJ12455 RJ-12 5M RJ-12 to RJ-45 Cable - 4C All pins connected straight through GreyUndefined 3.75
CDSC502 S-C50-2 2M Centronics CN50 Male / CN50 Male (50C) MoldedUndefined 25.34
CLG25M6/50 Utilux 25mm Copper Crimp Lug/6mm Hole Pkt 50Undefined 92.40
CLG25M8/50 Utilux 25mm Copper Crimp Lug/8mm Hole Pkt 50Undefined 92.40
MABICMCC2016B Cable Caddy Cable Caddy smallUndefined 69.00
PH1435302 SAC-3P-MS/ 1,5-PUR/B-1L-Z SCO B TYPE valve plug, 1 LED, with Z diode, Cable length: 1.5 m m12 STRAIGHT 3P Phoenix POA
PH1522862 SAC-8P- 1,5-PUR/M12FS SH 8 Pole M12 Shielded Female to Free End Cable 1,5 Meter (more info)Phoenix 84.79
TTLD50 Figure 8 AUS/NZ 2 Pin Plug to Figure 8 Socket 2M BlackUndefined 6.54
WSLDEUT20 Switched Power Lead LEAD POWER NZ 2 PIN + inline Switch, 2.3m, black, 0.75mm2Undefined 8.40

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